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Crystallization of SynerStem

The image of SynerStem which is obtained by Biocrystalization is surpirsing because of the huge amount and flexibility of its directory structures.

The general structure is particularly harmonous, symmetrical and dense. The image is constituted of an outpouring of dendrites that are organized in a beautiful lace. The principal crystalline courants are delicatly branched out and chiseled. They end in a lush spray forming an exuberant and unbridled weft.​

This image is full of vitality, combining power and delicacy. The information that this image gives us is far more than the classic information given by plants. It is intense, rich and precise at the same time.

Considering these remarkable chracteristics, SynerStem indeed carries a superabondant information which confers really exceptional properties on it.

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