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Crystallization of AlphaOne

The image of AlphaOne which is obtained by Biocrystallization is a harmonious, orderly and homogenous one.

The central figure is very loose, perfetly symmetrical and well drawn. It presents a slight carved out aspect with a series of interior volutes, confering a high organization power on the product.

In the middle we find signs of a high vitality with a regular weft which has the particularity of being spread out on the whole image without interruption.

The large circumference is full up to the point. It is constituated of a large number of needles which are delicatly lined up, confirming the great strength of the product.

The global image of AlphaOne shows the maximal effects of the force of nature. The product has conserved all its natural intrinsinic properties.

Through its regularity and organization this image shows that AlphaOne is full of excellent structuration qualities accompanied by magnificent vital forces.

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